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1837 - 1849 Marriages in Wigan, Lancashire, England of interest to the Chadwick family

Ch Date Marriage of Age Status Occ. of Parish Parent Fathers Occ Witnesses
S 24 July 1837 Robert Callon 37 bachelor labourer Aspull William Callon farmer George Heathram ? Thomas Winstanley
Cicely Chadwick 43 widow labourer Aspull Edward Tunstall ? farmer
S 8 Aug 1837 John Chadwick 22 bachelor weaver Scholes Thomas Chadwick weaver Joseph Taylor John Fairhurst
Sarah Hollinsworth 20 spinster weaver Hallgate Richard Hollinsworth weaver
S 27 Aug 1837 Henry Roscow 26 bachelor nailor Pemberton Richard Swift weaver William Bancks John Chadwick
Elizabeth Gaskell 22 spinster weaver Pemberton James Atherton collier
S 27 Aug 1837 John Chadwick 22 bachelor book keeper Aspull James Chadwick porter William Bancks James Lucas
Sarah Turner 21 spinster servant Aspull William Turner shepherd
S 26 Feb 1838 Thomas Sykes 31 bachelor jenny spinner Millgate Joseph Sykes jenny spinner James Chadwick Agnes Marsh
Ellen Dawber 29 spinster weaver Millgate Samuel Dawber weaver
S 22 Oct 1838 Peter Ascoft 22 bachelor stone mason Standishgate Peter Ascoft stone mason Thomas McKie ------ Ascoft
Margaret Birch 20 spinster reeler Bridge Street William Birch brick layer
S 4 Feb 1839 James Wood 20 bachelor painter Queen Street William Wood draper ? Richard Dickinson Thomas Chadwick
Ellen Dickinson 19 spinster works in a factory Queen Street Thomas Dickinson weaver


2 Dec 1839

Thomas Fishwick 20 bachelor labourer Orrell Henry Fishwick labourer James Chadwick Mary Chadwick
Margaret Thomas 25 spinster - Orrell John Thomas labourer

24 May 1840

Michael Ashcroft 26 widower stone mason Upholland James Ashcroft stone mason William Gaskell Sarah Gaskell
Margaret Gaskell 22 spinster - Upholland Thomas Gaskell clogger
S 2 Aug 1840 James Chadwick 23 bachelor miner Scholes Nathaniel Chadwick miner William Chadwick Ann Sibbering
Ellen Shaw 22 spinster - Club Row Edward Shaw miner
S 23 Aug 1840 Peter Ashcroft 24 widower stone mason Bridge Street Peter Ashcroft stone mason Peter Barton Euphernic Calderwood
Margaret Mellor 25 widow straw bonnet maker Chapel Lane Robert Calderwood cabinet maker
S 25 Sept 1840 Charles Collier 41 widower collier Scholes Charles Collier collier Grace Birchall William Banks
Ann Dyke 41 widow - Scholes Richard Barns whitesmith
S 1 Nov 1840 John Chaddock 60 widower labourer Billinge Chapel End Peter Chaddock weaver Thomas Ainscough

? William ----rth ?

Betty Barton 50 widow weaver Orrell Thomas Marsh labourer
S 15 Nov 1840 William Leaver 25 bachelor labourer Haigh John Leaver calico printer James Gibson

Ann Causey

Jane Chadwick 24 spinster weaver Haigh James Chadwick warehouseman
S 7 Dec 1840 William Hollinsworth 19 bachelor weaver Hallgate Richard Hollinsworth weaver David Halton

Sarah Norburn

Elizabeth Norburn 23 spinster rover ? Wigan Lane James Norburn collier
S 2 Feb 1841 William Chadwick 37 widower butcher Hallgate James Chadwick crofter William ---?

Mary Jackson

Margaret Sconcroft 38 spinster - Standishgate John Sconcroft coal merchant
S 31 May 1841 Richard Ascroft 24 bachelor collier Orrell Thomas Ascroft labourer John Whitter

Mary Ann Ascroft

Ann Murphy 21 spinster - Orrell Peter Murphy labourer
S 21 June 1841 James Parkinson 22 bachelor stone mason Millgate Robert Parkinson stone mason William Hunter Margaret Butler
Sarah Ascroft 21 spinster - Upholland William Ascroft collier
S 5 July 1841 James Ascroft 24 bachelor collier Upholland William Ascroft collier Robert -argeson

Margaret Charnock

Ellen Whitter 25 spinster - Upholland John Whitter collier
S 25 July 1841 Richard Chaddock 28 bachelor weaver Ince Thomas Chaddock weaver Thomas Platt

Betty Balform

Alice Southern 24 spinster weaver Ince William Southern weaver
S 1 Aug 1841 Peter Hampson 25 bachelor nail maker Upholland William Hampson nail maker Catherine Markland

Peter Hampson

Margaret Horrocks 20 spinster - Upholland Joseph Horrocks delfman
S 5 Oct 1841 Joseph Green 21 bachelor collier Ince Joseph Green collier James Green

Catherine Sanders

Alice Horrocks 19 spinster - Ince William Horrocks collier
S 13 Dec 1841 James Rudd 18 bachelor spinner Scholes James Rudd brazier James Heeman Mary Horrocks
Jane Horrocks 18 spinster hand loom weaver Wallgate Joseph Horrocks weaver
S 15 Jan 1842 Robert Davies 22   pipe maker Chapel Lane Thomas Davies pipe maker Thomas Davies Fanny Hughs
Martha Ascroft 25 spinster - Chapel Lane John Ascroft stone mason
S 11 Feb 1842 Edward Fegan 33 widower weaver Whelley Charles Fegan weaver William & Margaret Ramsdale
Ann Webster 33 widow - Whelley Richard Ascroft stone mason
S 2 Oct 1842 George Eastham 32 widower warehouseman Standishgate Thomas Eastman weaver John Aspinull Sarah Parkinson
Ann Chadwick 28 spinster - Wallgate - -
S 13 Nov 1842 George Marsh 22 bachelor collier Scholfield Lane Charles Marsh weaver Thomas Chadwick Frances Magrath
Margaret Cheetham 21 spinster - Scholfield Lane James Cheetham collier
S 13 Nov 1842 Thomas Forster 37 widower collier Ince Thomas Forster collier Thomas Chadwick

Hugh Hickox

Alice Brown 27 widow - Chapel Lane James Stockley collier
S 28 Feb 1843 Mark Magrath 25 bachelor tailor Chapel Lane Mark Magrath pensioner Henry & Jane Magrath
Ellen Darlington 24 spinster - School Lane - -
S 16 Apr 1843 John Poulton 21 bachelor shoe maker Scholes William Poulton weaver John Kay

Mary Kay

Mary Chadwick 24 spinster - Scholes John Chadwick labourer
S 7 May 1843 James Brimelow 20 bachelor collier Ince Thomas Brimelow collier Richard Markland

Mary Pamfret ?

Elizabeth Chadwick 20 spinster - Ince William Chadwick collier
S 13 Nov 1843 James Seddon 45 widower collier Hindley Samuel Seddon weaver Charles Walls Henry Hayes
Martha Chadwick 35 spinster weaver Hindley James Chadwick weaver
S 12 Feb 1844 James Barton 24 bachelor nail maker Billinge Higher End Thomas Barton nail maker John Pinnington John Bolton
Sophia Chadwick 24 spinster - Billinge Higher End William Chadwick labourer
S 11 Mar 1844 Joseph Collier 24 bachelor labourer Scholes John Collier farmer John Collier William Chadwick
Rose Hannah Higgins 31 spinster - Scholes Michael Higgins farmer
S 28 Apr 1844 Thomas Greenough 22 bachelor collier Hindley John Greenough dead James Bromilow Faith Cunliffe
Mary Ann Chadwick 25 spinster - Hindley William Chadwick collier
S 21 July 1845 John Travis 29 bachelor weaver Wigan James Travis weaver Thomas Chadwick

Mary Walker

Ellen Johnson 24 spinster servant Wigan James Johnson dead
S 27 Oct 1845 Richard Ormston 23 bachelor power loom weaver Wigan Henry Ormston power loom weaver John Chadwick

Alice Hampson

Martha Hampson 23 spinster power loom weaver Wigan Joseph Hampson tailer
S 13 Apr 1846 ? 26 bachelor collier Aspull Edward ? ? George ?


Ann Chadwick 24 spinster - Scholes William Chadwick collier
S 3 Jan 1847 Samuel Foy 28 bachelor flagger Pemberton Thomas Foy grocer Charles Bradshaw

Elizabeth Bradshaw

Ellen Chadwick 29 spinster - Wigan - -
S 18 Jan 1847 Richard Smalley 25   miner Aspull Thomas Smalley miner George Hatherton

Margaret Ashall

Catherine Chadwick 23 spinster   Aspull William Chadwick miner
S 6 Feb 1847 George Clare 22 bachelor shoe maker Ince - - Thomas Aouy ?

Cicely Chadwick

Rachael Chadwick 28 spinster servant Wigan Thomas Chadwick dead
S 17 March 1847 Peter Houghton 25 bachelor labourer Upholland John Houghton labourer Daniel Hatton

William Banks

Margaret Chadwick 28 spinster weaver Upholland - -
S 26 April 1847 Hugh Farrington 23 bachelor collier Wigan Thomas Farrington dead James Chadwick

Jane Richmond

Elizabeth Atherton 22 spinster weaver Wigan Peter Atherton collier
S 2 Aug 1847 John Rhoden full bachelor tailor Wigan Ralph Rhoden dead James Chadwick

Joshia Tho---?

Elizabeth Chadwick full spinster - Wigan Thomas Chadwick dead
S 12 Oct 1847 Joseph Chadwick 22 bachelor collier Wigan James Chadwick farmer Mary Ann G-?-attison

Richard Underwood

Alice Underwood 23 spinster - Wigan James Underwood underlooker
S 29 Nov 1847 John Dunn 54 bachelor weaver Abram Peter Dunn dead James Grimshan ?


Eleanor Chadwick 43 spinster - Abram Thomas Chadwick dead
S 2 July 1848 Thomas Chadwick 29 bachelor weaver Wigan Thomas Chadwick weaver Henry Magrath

Jane Winnard

Frances Magrath 28 spinster - Wigan Mark Magrath pensioner
S 21 Sept 1848 George Jones ? 37 bachelor boat builder Wigan - - Joseph ?

Ellen Magrath

Jane Magrath 36 spinster - Wigan Mark Magrath pensioner
S 10 Sept 1849 Henry Magrath 25 bachelor tailor ? Wigan Mark Magrath ? Mark Magrath

Ellen Litherton ?

Ann Litherton ? 25 spinster - Pemperton ? ?

The web site author, Gwynne Chadwick, is related to people shown in red.

The column headed 'Ch' indicates the church in Wigan.

Ab = Abram. C = St Catherines. G = St Georges. S = All Saints.

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