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1850 - 1900 Marriages in Wigan, Lancashire, England of interest to the Chadwick family

Ch Date Marriage of Age Status Occ. of Parish Parent Fathers Occ Witnesses
S 7 April 1850 John Leather 30 bachelor labourer Hindley James Leather labourer John Chadwick

John Peak

Mary Ann Potter 34 widow - Hindley George Young weaver
S 6 May 1850 Abraham Clesh? 24 bachelor collier Wigan Thomas Clesh labourer George Chadwick

Mary Haston

Jane Arrowsmith 22 spinster - Wigan George Arrowsmith labourer
S 24 Feb 1851 Thomas Chadwick 24 bachelor clogger Billinge John Chadwick weaver Thomas Greenall ?

Elizabeth Charnock ?

Sarah Hurst 21 spinster - Billinge John Hurst collier
S 2 April 1851 William Chadwick McAvoy 23 bachelor butcher Wigan Edward Chadwick McAvoy butcher William Hallam

Lydia Gregson

Elizabeth Gregson 20 spinster - Wigan John Gregson joiner
S 22 June 1851 Thomas Lawson 20 bachelor factory Wigan John Lawson factory Peter Bou-----?

Elizabeth Yates?

Jane Chadwick 20 spinster - Wigan Henry Chadwick weaver
S 15 Oct 1851 George Chadwick 22 bachelor weaver Wigan Thomas Chadwick weaver James Heaton

Mary Heaton

Ann Banks 24 spinster - Wigan Robert Banks weaver
S 25 Jan 1852 John Makinson 36 bachelor labourer Wigan James Makinson labourer John ?

Ann Chadwick

Ellen Chadwick 37 spinster - Wigan John Chadwick blacksmith
S 16 Feb 1852 James Chadwick 23 bachelor collier Hindley Henry Chadwick desceased Ralph Yates

Lucy Le---?

Mary Green 21 spinster - Hindley James Green desceased
S 8 Aug 1853 James Chadwick 30 bachelor weaver Scholes Edward Chadwick weaver James Simpson Ester Simpson
Mary Fitton 39 widow - Standishgate John R?igleby desceased
S 22 Aug 1853 Edward Fairhust 22 bachelor collier Ince Michael Fairhust desceased James Clough Mary Ann Clough
Mary Ann Banks 19 spinster - Scholes Robert Banks sinker ?
S 15 April 1854 John Thompson 30 widower tailor Whelley Thomas Thompson tailor Richard Smalley Catherine Smalley
Margaret Chadwick 23 spinster - Whelley William Chadwick miner
S 30 Oct 1854 Richard Hilton 22 bachelor collier ? Yard William Hilton huckster ? James Pilkington Sarah Chadwick
Mary Dulton 21 spinster - Club Row Samuel Dulton overlooker at factory
S 18 Dec 1854 James Chadwick 21 bachelor collier Upholland John Chadwick collier ----? Naylor

Ann Rowbottom

Fanny Rowbottom 28 spinster - Upholland William Rowbottom engineer
G 24 Dec 1854 James Smalley 38 widower tailor & draper Scholes Robert Smalley engineer Thomas Chadwick Thomas Ball
Elizabeth Hill 41 spinster spinster Scholes Thomas Hill publican
S 23 April 1855 Thomas Atherton 23 bachelor ? Wallgate Thomas Atherton ? Robert Chadwick

Helen Alexander

Mary Dempsey 20 spinster - ? Place Peter Dempsey ? maker
S 6 Aug 1855 Henry Riding 29 bachelor labourer Haigh Henry/Harry ? Riding labourer William Riding Sarah Riding
Elizabeth Chaddock (signed as Chadwick) 24 or 29 spinster - Worthington Henry Chadwick labourer
S 21 Oct 1855 John Higson 22 bachelor farmer Abram John Higson farmer Ann Platt

Charles Carter

Betty Chadwick 22 spinster - Abram - -
S 23 Dec 1855 James Ainscough 26 bachelor collier Abram William Ainscough collier (desceased) James Chadwick Charles Carter
Mary Marsh 20 spinster - Hindley Robert Marsh collier
S 27 July 1856 Peter Higson 43 widower overlooker Scholes Thomas Higson weaver (desceased) George Chadwick

Ann Chadwick

Elizabeth Rigby 44 widow - Chapel Lane William Banks weaver (desceased)
S 20 Oct 1856 Thomas Davenport 26 bachelor collier Upholland Thomas Davenport weaver Adam Chadwick

Elizabeth Fairhurst

Esther Clayton 25 spinster - Upholland Richard Clayton collier
G 28 Nov 1858 Edward Chadwick 21 bachelor butcher ? Lane Edward Chadwick butcher ?


Nancy -- ard ? 19 spinster - ? William --ard ? ?
G 1 Aug 1859 Joseph Greenough 21 bachelor miner School Street John Greenough - William Chadwick Margaret Chadwick
Sarah Chadwick 24 spinster factory hand School Lane Thomas Chadwick -
S 31 May 1860 George Scholes 26 widower farmer Haigh George Scholes farmer Hannah Chadwick

Robert Chadwick

Elizabeth Chadwick 26 spinster - Hallgate Robert Chadwick butcher
S 25 Dec 1860 Robert Tyson 21 bachelor oil cloth maker Hallgate Robert Tyson shoe / maker John Atherton

Mary East ?

Mary Chadwick 19 spinster - Hallgate John Chadwick (dec'd) weaver
G 5 Oct 1862 Edward Chadwick 20 bachelor collier Long Shoot Seth Chadwick weaver John Lawsons ? Ellen Lawsons ?
Mary Chamberlan 21 spinster factory Long Shoot Thomas Chamberlan painter
G 25 Dec 1862 William Chadwick 22 widower weaver Hallgate John Chadwick weaver Nathaniel Walsh

Alice Hart

Mary Ann Mercer 22 spinster operative Lime Street William Mercer carter
S 14 Mar 1863 William Jennison 19 bachelor taller chandler ?? Hallgate John Jennison stone mason Thomas Hodson

Alice Chadwick

Margaret Chadwick 19 spinster - Hallgate Robert Chadwick butcher
S 29 July 1865 David Underwood 29 bachelor labourer Bottom Croft, Hallgate Michael Underwood (dec'd) colliery manager ? James Brown

-- ? Rigby

Margaret Chadwick 28 spinster power loom weaver 75 Hallgate William Chadwick labourer
G 25 Aug 1866 James Chadwick   bachelor collier ? Adam Chadwick collier Margaret Chadwick

---dly Heaton

Mary B-----?   spinster - ? ? collier
S 25 Apr 1867 Robert Horrock full bachelor collier Little London Robert Horrock clogger William Horrock

Ellen Hurst

Catherine Wilson full spinster - Little London James Wilson weaver
G 27 May 1867 Joseph Oakes full bachelor miner Lime Street ? Oakes miner William Chadwick

Mary Ann Chadwick

Mary Stanley full spinster ? ? ? Stanley miner
G 16 June 1867 Robert Chadwick full bachelor butcher Darlington Street Robert Chadwick butcher Henry -----?

June Millington

Ann Vinnard ? full spinster domestic servant Wigan Lane William Vinnard ? provision dealer (dec'd)
G 16 June 1867 James Chadwick full bachelor butcher Hallgate Thomas Chadwick butcher (dec'd) James ---yer Mary ---yer
Hannah Chadwick full spinster butcher Darlington Street Robert Chadwick butcher
G 18 March 1871 John Symonds full bachelor cord wainer Cherry ? Croft John Symonds cord wainer John Chadwick Sarah Green
Nancy Cork full spinster - Frog Lane William Cork cord wainer
S 9 Dec 1872 Edward Chadwick 28 bachelor labourer Bottom Croft John Chadwick (des'd) weaver Thomas Lord

-- ? Monks

Elizabeth Ireland 18 spinster hawker Top Croft Richard Ireland horse dealer
S 28 July 1873 William Ireland 22 bachelor dealer in earthenware 3 Top Croft Richard Ireland horse dealer William Giles

Mary Pinock

Ellen Gee 21 spinster factory hand Crookes Yard, Lower Hallgate John Gee carter
S 5 July 1874 Joseph Dyke 23 bachelor mechanic Wigan Lane Thomas Dyke flagger & slater Robert Sinclair

Margaret Jameson

Margaret Sinclair 22 spinster - Duke St Robert Sinclair engine tender
S 5 Jan 1876 Thomas Chadwick 25 bachelor butcher Crofter Arms Yard James Chadwick butcher George Scholes

Elizabeth Scholes

Alice Ann Monks 22 spinster servant Crofters Arms Yard James Monks labourer
S 24 Oct 1876 John Turner or Waner ? 20 bachelor butcher 37 Hallgate Thomas Rigby (dec'd) butcher William Cook

Rebeca Johnson

Flora Ireland 17 spinster hawker 7 Queens Head Yard, Top Croft Richard Ireland horse dealer
S 18 March 1883 John Glassbrook 31 bachelor cooper 52 Chapel Lane James Glassbrook cooper Margaret Glassbrook
Sarah Chadwick 41 spinster - Hallgate Robert Chadwick (dec'd) butcher Thomas Chadwick
S 20 July 1887 Edward Moss 54 widower insurance agent 87 Woodhouse Lane Edward Moss (dec'd) underworker William - - -?
Mary Tyson 45 widow - 55 Market St John Chadwick (dec'd) weaver Matilda Gibson
G 2 Apr 1890 James Molyneux 20 bachelor labourer Standishgate James Molyneux brewer ? Alexander Hogg
Mary Carroll 19 spinster - 16 Marsh Lane James Carroll weaver Martha Chadwick
G 14 Sept 1890 Victor ? Emmanuel Tyson 26 bachelor butcher Greenough St Robert Tyson porter John Taylor
Alice Swallow 29 spinster - Greenough St William Swallow agent Eleanor Sarah Tyson
G 29 Aug 1891 William Hogg 27 bachelor mechanic W thains ? Yard William Hogg brick setter William Carty ?
Martha Chadwick 20 spinster - Greenough St John Robert Chadwick mechanic Margaret Ann Carty ?
G 26 Sept 1891 Emmanuel Chadwick 20 bachelor collier Greenough St William Chadwick mechanic Emmanuel Smith
Martha Smith 22 spinster - Greenough St John Smith collier Ann Jane B---t
G ? Oct Michael Whittle 57 widower collier Coopers Yard Joseph Whittle collier William Chadwick
Ellen Heyes 44 widow - Coopers Yard John ---leigh ? Mary Chadwick
G 20 Jan 1894 James Hitchen 22 bachelor collier Lune St out of wedlock - Thomas Chadwick
Louisa Armstrong 19 spinster - Millgate John Armstrong collier Elizabeth Ann Hitchen
G 31 Dec 1898 John Bruce 22 bachelor collier 12 Rigby Yard Robert Bruce furnace man James Hughes
Ann Chadwick 21 spinster - Rigby Yard James Chadwick collier Ellen Sims

The web site author, Gwynne Chadwick, is related to people shown in red.

The column headed 'Ch' indicates the church in Wigan.

Ab = Abram. C = St Catherines. G = St Georges. S = All Saints.

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