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1770 - 1837 Marriages in Wigan, Lancashire, England of interest to the Chadwick family

'of Parish' is Wigan unless stated otherwise

Year Date Ch Groom of Parish Bride of Parish Witness Witness
1770 11 May S Henry Marclue Holland Ellen Chadock Holland James Chadwick  
1771 30 July S Thomas Chadock Aspull Sarah Hatton Aspull John Thompson  
  15 Sept S James Chadock Holland Dorothy Robinson Shorington or Hovington ? John Gerard  
1773 26 Sept S Thomas Chadock Aspull Ellen Tillotson Aspull William Grundy  
1775 17 Jan   Joseph Rudd   Hannah Chadock      
  25 Mar S Joseph Gerard Orrel Jane Phisick Orrel James Chadwick  
1777 1 Mar S John Pallmer Billinge Mary Chadock Billinge    
  18 Nov S Joseph Chadock Holland Mary Bullen/Butler Holland    
  26 Dec S Joseph Chadock Aspinull Elizabeth Higham Wigan    
1779 11 Feb S Joseph Anderton Billinge Betty Chadwick Billinge    
1782 1 Dec S James Chadock Wigan Hannah Longshaw Wigan    
1784 May S Thomas Mawdesley   Margaret Chadock   This one record was listed in the Transcripts but not found on film?
1788 28 Nov S John Chaddock Wigan Mary Dean Wigan    
1789 2 Nov S William Fairbrother Wigan Ann Chaddock Wigan    
1791 25 Mar and ?..25 Apr S Thomas Seddon Manchester Margaret Chadwick Wigan    
1791 10 Dec S James Leech Wigan Elizabeth Chadwick Wigan    
Note - Elias Chadwick signed Register as a Church Warden in 1791
1793 22 Jan S Wiliam Chadwick Hindley Betty Heys Hindley    
1797 17 Apr S John Chaddock Billinge JaneWadsword Billinge    
1798 4 Apr S William Lloyds Liverpool Alice Chadwick      
1800 27 July S Matthew Chaddock Abram Margaret Chisnall Hindley    
1803 1 Aug   Thomas Occleshaw   Margaret Chaddock      
  16 Aug   James Dean   Betty Chaddock      
  4 Sept   James Short   Betty Chaddock      
1804 29 Oct   William Tubman   Ellen Chadwick      
1805 29 July S James Chadwick Upholland Nancy Ryding Pemberton    
  4 Oct   William Melling   Esther Chadwick      
1806 11 Jan   John Bentley   Elizabeth Chadwick      
1807 21 Jun S James Chadwick Wigan Ellen Leyland Wigan    
1808 17 Apr S John Taylor Orrell Ellen Chadwick Orrell    
  18 July   Michael Chaddock   Catharine Leatherbarrow      
  12 Dec   John Chaddock   Catharine Rostern      
1809 14 Feb S John Barlow Hindley Mary Collier Hindley    
1810 22 Feb S James Chadwick Wigan Ann Leigh Wigan    
  11 July S Joseph Rogers Hindley Sarah Hatton Hindley    
  2 Sept S Ephram Heaton Aspinull Ellen Chadwick Aspinull    
  1 Nov S Strettell Chadwick Wigan Grace Bolton Wigan    
  5/26 Nov S John Pye Billinge Ellen Chadwick Billinge    
1812 12 Jan S Lawerence Roby Haigh Alice Collier Haigh    
  4 Aug   Edmund Chaddock   Margaret Hurst      
  31 Aug S William Chadwick Orrell Margaret Aspinall Orrell    
1813 25 Apr   James Taylor   Ellen Chaddock      
  27 May S William Fell   Alice Hatton   Ralph Bethel Sam Vizard
  28 Jun S Thomas Dickinson   Ellen Collier   William Wilkson S.V.
1814 21 May S Elias Chaddwick   Jane Linacar   Thomas Winrow S.V.
  6 Jun S Thomas Collier   Alice Booth   Thomas Gray S.V.
  11 July S James Bradley   Margaret Chadwick   Hugh Richardson S.V.
  21 Nov   Thomas Chaddock   Mary Watmough      
1815 3 Jan S James Chadwick   Esther Hillton   Thomas Chadwick S.V.
  24 Apr   Thomas Chaddock   Cicely Tunstall      
  19 July S Thomas Chadwick   Esther Collier   Thomas Tradsham ? S.V.
  5 Sept   James Chaddock   Elizabeth Foster      
1816 1 Jan   John Thompson   Elizabeth Chaddock      
  20 Jan S William Chadwick   Catherine Green   Joseph Green S.V.
  5 Feb S Richard Clarkson   Elizabeth Chadwick   John Daniel S.V.
  6 May   Thomas Roper   Margaret Chaddock      
  17 June   William Wickey   Ann Chaddock      
  10 July S Hugh Richardson   Jane Chaddwick   William Richardson S.V.
  5 Nov S John Chadwick Lancaster Alice Gidley   Wm Ampson S.V.
1817 1 Sept S Thomas Collier   Ann Kenny   John Warburtom S.V.
1818 20 Apr   John Chaddock   Jane Atherton      
  3 May S John Chadwick Bury Nancy Aspinall   Sam Wigan S.V.
  18 Oct S Edward Chadwick   Ann Unsworth   John Foster S.V.
1819 3 May S Richard Rowbottom   Alice Chadwick   Henry Chadwick S.V.
  1 June S John Chadwick   Elizabeth Faire   Henry Roby S.V.
  27 June   William Chaddock   Isabella Dale      
  5 Sept   William Brimalow   Ann Chaddock      
  6 Dec S Henry Finch   Ellen Chadwick   Joseph Taylor S.V.
1821 29 Oct S John Chadwick   Elizabeth Yates   Robert Bartley S.V.
1822 10 Feb S John Chadwick   Ann Witton   Edmond Chadwick S.V.
  19 Aug S Henry Molineux   Hannah Hollinsworth   Sam Hickox S.V.
1823 14 July   John Buckley   Cicely Chaddock      
1824 10 May   Aaron Arrowsmith   Mary Craddock/Chaddock      
  31 May   Abel Mangnall   Ellen Craddock/Chaddock      
1825 2 Jan   James McGrath   Ann Woods      
1826 20 June   John Morgan   Elizabeth Chaddock      
  11 Sept S John Jackson   Elizabeth Chadwick   ? S.V.
  28 Oct   Thomas Ainscough   Jane Chaddock      
1827 1 Oct S Thomas Chadwick   Martha Barns   John Wood S.V.
1828 12 Feb S Thomas Mills   Jane Chadwick   Sam Hickox S.V.
  14 Dec S Peter Fairhurst   Ellen Chadwick   William Prescott S.V.
1829 22 Sept S George Marsh   Ellen Chadwick   John Finch S.V.
  28 Nov   John Crook   Margaret Chaddock      
1830 4 Jan S John Ascroft   Elizabeth Higham   James Harrison S.V.
  4 Jan S Thomas Ascroft   Ellen Turner   James Harrison S.V.
  7 Jun S John Rymer   Ellen Ascroft   John Ashton S.V.
  3 Oct S William Leigh   Margery Ascroft   Joseph Taylor S.V.
1831 14 Feb S James Ascroft   Elizabeth Hitchin   John Heaton S.V.
  4 Sept S Thomas Ryder   Ellen Chadwick   James Bury S.V.
  6 Sept S William Chadwick   Mary Watkinson   Thomas Rigby S.V.
  17 Sept S Thomas Baker   Jane Ascroft   Daniel Dickinson S.V.
  26 Sept S James Lowe   Alice Ascroft   John Gee S.V.
  10 Oct S Stephen Smith   Ellen Ascroft   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  31 Oct S James Ascroft   Alice Allerton   Samuel Hickox S.V.
1832 9 Jan S William Ascroft   Margaret Hodson   Hugh Hickox S.V.
  2 April S William Ascroft   Isobell Wilde   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  2 Sept S Thomas Yates   Elizabeth Chadwick   Thomas Mills S.V.
  5 Nov S Thomas Ascroft   Mary Leigh   William Potter S.V.
  18 Nov S John Ascroft   Mary Lowe   Marsden ? S.V.
  18 Nov S Richard Ascroft   Jane Parkinson   Marsden ? S.V.
  25 Dec S George Ascroft   Alice Bukchannah   Peter Sherman S.V.
1833 13 June S George Atherton   Ellen Ascroft   James Bamber S.V.
  12 Aug S Peter Kay   Ruth Ascroft   Henry Smith S.V.
  19 Aug S William Chadwick   Elizabeth Motller   William Potter S.V.
  9 Sept S James Chadwick   Ellen Thomas   William Potter S.V.
  4 Nov S Thomas Leigh   Jane Fazakerley   Hugh Hickox S.V.
  23 Dec S William Hayes   Ellen Ascroft   Hugh Hickox S.V.
1834 20 Jan S Samuel Dickinson   Jane Chadwick   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  10 Feb S Henry Southern/Southam   Elizabeth Fazackerley   James Hayes S.V.
  10 Feb S Thomas (signed register as James)Ascroft   Agnes Smith   James Hayes S.V.
  18 May S John Pilkington   Jane Ascroft   Timothy Eatock S.V.
  13 June S Thomas Barrow   Agnes Ascroft   H. Peat S.V.
  21 July S James Baron   Agnes Dike   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  27 July S Thomas Gaskell   Martha Ascroft   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  14 Sept S Isaac Webster   Ann Ascroft   Samuel Greenough S.V.
  16 Nov S Thomas Ascroft   Catherine Thilwind   Samuel Hickox S.V.
1835 9 Feb S William Ascroft   Alice Roscow   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  27 Feb S Richard Ascroft   Margaret Pinington   Thomas Fairclough S.V.
  27 April S James Holme   Mary Ascroft   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  24 May S Peter Ascroft   Mary Rigby   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  25 May S Thomas Lyon   Mary Ascroft   Richard Marsden S.V.
  25 May S George Waring   Alice Ascroft   Richard Marsden S.V.
  30 May S Peter Bolton   Catherine Ascroft   Peter Litler Helen Ascroft
  30 June S John Chadwick   Ann Aspinall   James Stirrup ? S.V.
  9 Oct S George Platt   Elizabeth Chadwick   Samuel Hickox S.V.
  25 Dec S Thomas Ascroft   Alice Thompson   S.H. S.V.
1836 15 Feb S Seth Chadwick   Hannah Dickinson   S.H. S.V.
  15 Feb S Peter Rowbottom   Alice Chadwick   S.H. S.V.
  2 Apr S James Simpson   Esther Collier   William Chadwick S.V.
  1 Aug S James Melling   Esther Chadwick   S.H. S.V.
1837 2 Jan S James Swift   Margaret Ascroft     S.V.
  2 Jan S George Tickervance   Margaret Chaddock     S.V.
  2 Jan S William Ascroft   Jane Hoiton     S.V.

The web site author, Gwynne Chadwick, is related to people shown in red.

The column headed 'Ch' indicates the church in Wigan.

Ab = Abram. C = St Catherines. G = St Georges. S = All Saints.

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