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5/6 April 1891 Census (part 2) featuring Chadwicks recorded in Wigan, Lancashire, England

Given name Surname Relationship

to Head

Age Maritial


Occupation Born
28 By ?, Wigan
William Chadwick head 38   coal miner Lawton
Mary   wife 37     Hindley
John   son 13   pony driver in coal mine Wigan
Rachael   dau 11   scholar Stockport
Elizabeth     8   scholar Wigan
Margaret     4   scholar Adlington
4 Snape Street, Wigan
Richard Chadwick head 27   cotton spinner Orrell
Margaret   wife 26     Wigan
John   son 6   scholar Wigan
Richard   son 3   scholar Wigan
George   son 1     Wigan
8 Hulbert Street, Wigan
Richard Chadwick head 54   ? factory Wigan
Margaret   wife 47     Wigan
Martha     6   scholar Wigan
Sarah     4   scholar Wigan
Jane     2     Wigan
18 Lee Street, Wigan
James Chadwick head 32   coal miner Middleton
Alice   wife 30     Wigan
James   son 6     Wigan
Jane   dau 5     Wigan
Richard   son 3     Wigan
Mary Ann   dau 3 mths     Wigan
11 Pitt Street, Wigan
Robert Chadwick head 30   railway guard Southport
Alice   wife 32     Golborne
Robert William   son 10     Golborne
Edith Hannah   dau 7     Golborne
John J V   son 2     Leigh
52 Trescott Street, Wigan
Robert Chadwick head 52   shoe maker Wigan
Catherine   wife 50     Wigan
John   father 77 widow retired shoe maker Wigan
John   son 26   cotton Wigan
Thomas   son 23   loom overlooker Wigan
Ellen   dau 18   cotton weaver Wigan
James   son 17   cotton weaver Wigan
Sarah   dau 13   scholar Wigan
Ann M   grand dau 4     Wigan
67 Trescott Street, Wigan
Andrew Chadwick head 33   cotton overlooker Wigan
Jane   wife 30     Wigan
Jane   dau 7 scholar   Wigan
Herbert   son 5 scholar   Wigan
John   son 2     Wigan
184 Gidlow Lane (Grocers shop) Wigan
Thomas Glasbork ? head 39   corker Wigan
Sarah Glasbork ? wife 47     Wigan
Lilly Chadwick neice 10   scholar Wigan
91 Wallgate, Wigan
William Chadwick lodger 61   general labourer Ireland
49 Millgate, Wigan
John Chadwick servant 24   butchers assistant Standish
Old Dog Inn, Wigan
Henry Chadwick head 31   licensed victular Coppull
Cecily   wife 24     Standish
Jane   dau 2     Wigan
4 Walmsly Square, Wigan
George Greaves head 56   cab driver Wigan
Elizabeth Greaves wife 34     Wigan
Richard Chadwick son 14   scholar Wigan
Sarah Ann Chadwick dau 10   scholar Wigan
John Greaves son 3     Wigan
William Greaves son 3 mths     Wigan

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