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2/3 April 1871 Census featuring Chadwicks recorded in Wigan, Lancashire, England

Given name Surname Relationship

to Head

Age Maritial


Occupation Born
33a Clayton Street, Wigan
Robert Chadwick Head 34 M Bootmaker Wigan
Catherine   Wife 32 M   Wigan
Andrew   Son 13   Cotton Weaver Wigan
Ann M   Dau 12     Wigan
Hannah   Dau 10     Wigan
John   Son 7     Wigan
Thomas   Son 2     Wigan
Sarah A   Dau 4mth     Wigan
5 Addison Street, Wigan
John Chadwick Head 59 M Shoemaker Wigan
Maria   Wife 53 M   Wigan
Ann Chadwick Sister 53 U Cotton winder Wigan
4 Potter's Square, Wigan
Richard Chadwick Head 37 Widow Cotton Dresser Factory Wigan
Thomas   Son 12     Wigan
Richard   Son 6     Wigan
Esther   Dau 4     Wigan
13 Willow Street, Wigan
Richard Molineux Head 45 M House painter Southport
Margaret   Wife 48 M   Southport
Jane   Dau 21   Tailoress Southport
George   Son 16   Pawnbrokers apprentice Southport
Frederick   Son 14   Telegraph messenger Southport
Mary A   Dau 12   Scholar Southport
Margaret   Dau 8   Scholar Wigan
8 Crofters Arms Yards, Wigan
James Chadwick Head 55 M Butcher Wigan
Hannah   Wife 43 M    
Thomas   Son 20 U Carpenters apprentice  
7 Crofters Arms Yards, Wigan
Robert Chadwick Head 70 Widow Butcher Wigan
Margaret Jannion Dau 26   House Keeper Wigan
Annie Jannion Granddau 6   Scholar Wigan
Robert Jannion Grandson 2     Wigan
19 Elbow ? Lane, Wigan
John Chadwick Head 60 Widow Hay ? dealer Wigan
8 Hallgate, Wigan
Alice Chadwick Servant 26 U General Servant Wigan
34 Bottom Croft, Wigan
Sarah Chadwick Head 54 Widow   Wigan
Edward   Son 27 U General Labourer Wigan
Sarah   Dau 20   Cotton Weaver Wigan
Jane Topping Boarder 22 U Cotton Weaver Wigan
William Dunn Boarder 12 U Cotton Weaver Liverpool
William Ireland Boarder 18 U Farm Labourer Coxton
Wigan Workhouse, Wigan
Richard Chadwick   34 U Factory hand Wigan
18 Kay Street, Wigan
William Chadwick Head 30 M Victualler Wigan
Mary Ann   Wife 30 M   Wigan
Mary Ann   Dau 11     Wigan
Thomas   Son 10   Brickmakers assistant Wigan
William   Son 5     Wigan
William Brown Head 64 M Coal Miner Haigh
Rebecca Brown Wife 48 M Victualler Wigan
59 Whelley, Wigan
Adam Chadwick Head 49 M   Orrell
Ann   Wife 46 M   Rainford
James   Son 24 Widow Collier Wigan
Elizabeth A   Dau 5     Aspull
Ellen   Dau 1 mth     Wigan
64 Stanley Street,Wigan
Joseph Golding Head 38      
Mary A Golding Wife        
Isabella Chadwick Mother in law 67     Manchester
No 8 Belvoir Court, Wigan
Mary Chadwick Head 51 Widow Housekeeper Wigan
Elizabeth   Dau 20 U Cotton winder Wigan
Alice   Dau 15   Cotton winder Wigan
William   Son 11   Scholar Wigan
No 9 Peers Court bottom of Vauxhall Road, Wigan
Seth Chadwick Head 60   Bricklayer's labourer Wigan
Mary   Wife 54     Wigan
Alice ?   Dau 20   Cotton mill worker Wigan
John   Son 10   Scholar Wigan
No 13 Peers Court back of Vauxhall Road, Wigan
William Chadwick Head 21   Bricklayer Wigan
Margaret   Wife 20     Wigan
Ann   Dau few mths     Wigan
30 Vauxhall Road, Wigan
Thomas Chadwick Head 51   Cord....? Cotton mill Wigan
Frances   Wife 51     Wigan
Ann   Dau 25   Winder in cotton mill Wigan
Alice   Dau 14   Winder in cotton mill Wigan
18 Bradshaw Gate, Wigan
Seth Chadwick Lodger 14   Scholar Wigan
    with the Holland family        
104 Hallgate, Wigan
Jane Chadwick Servant 19     Billinge, Lancs
9 Bridge Street, Wigan
Ann Chadwick Boarder 44 married Factory operative Wigan
1 Baker Street, Wigan
John Chadwick Head 28   Stoker in cotton factory Burslem, Staffs
Margaret   Wife 23   Colour weaver Wigan
Thomas   Son 1     Wigan
75 Hallgate, Wigan
David Underwood Head 30   Labourer Blackrod
Margaret   Wife 31     Wigan
Elizabeth   Dau 10     Wigan
Martha   Dau 3     Wigan
Catherine   Dau 1     Wigan
William Chadwick Father in Law 64   Farm labourer Wigan
Ellen Chadwick Dau 7   Scholar Wigan
Ruth Chadwick Dau 5   Scholar Wigan

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