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30/31 March 1851 Census featuring Chadwicks recorded in Wigan, Lancashire, England

Given name Surname Relationship

to Head

Age Maritial


Occupation Born
Walmoughs Yard, (Scholes) Wigan
Mary Chadwick Lodger 29   Cotton Weaver Wigan
Ann   Lodger 4   Scholar Wigan
Pump Well Lane, Wigan
Robert Chadwick Head 30   Overlooker in factory Bury
Sarah Ann   Dau 6     Haywood ?
Mary J   Dau 4     Manchester
Mary   Grandmother 74 Widow Housekeeper Bury
Schofield Lane, Wigan
William Chadwick Head 50   Joiner Wigan
Isabella   Wife 51     Manchester
Jane   Niece 20   Throttle Spinner Ringley ?
Matthew   Great Nephew 7   Scholar Wigan
Vauxhall Road, Wigan
Seth Chadwick Head 41   Hand Loom Weaver Wigan
Hannah   Wife 42   Hand Loom Weaver Wigan
Richard   Son 19   Drawer in coal mine Wigan
John   Son 16   Cotton Worker Wigan
Margaret   Dau 14   Throttle Spinner Wigan
Edward   Son 8   Scholar Wigan
William   Son 1   Scholar Wigan
124 Vauxhall Road, Wigan
Thomas Chadwick Head 31   Hand Loom Weaver Wigan
Frances   Wife 31     Wigan
Ann Magrath   Dau 5     Wigan
George Mark   Son 5 mth     Wigan
133 Vauxhall Road, Wigan
Thomas Chadwick Head 59   Hand Loom Weaver Wigan
Esther   Wife 55     Wigan
George   Son 22   Hand Loom Weaver Wigan
William   Son 20   General Labourer Wigan
Richard   Son 17   Hand Loom Weaver Wigan
Sarah   Dau 15     Wigan
? Wigan
James Chadwick   45      
Isabella Halliewell   38      
William Halliewell   18      
James ? Halliewell   17      
Thomas Halliewell   9      
Elizabeth Halliewell   8      
Bellingham Lodge, Wigan
Ellen Chadwick Servant 22   Servant Wigan
158 Wigan Lane, Wigan
Cicely Chadwick Servant 21   Servant Aspull ?
84 Wigan Lane, Wigan
John Chadwick Lodger 15   Apprentice Shoemaker Aspull ?
No 155 ?? Wigan
Joseph Chadwick Head 27   Coal Miner ?
Alice   Wife 26     Wigan
James   Son 2     Wigan
Michael   Son 11 mth     Wigan
99 Adelaide Street, Wigan
John Chadwick Head 39   Shoemaker Wigan
Maria   Wife 36     Wigan
Robert   Son 16   Apprentice Shoemaker Wigan
Andrew   Son 8   Scholar Wigan
Hannah   Dau 10   Scholar Wigan
Ann   Mother 70   Formerly Hand Loom Weaver Marsh Green
Ann   Sister in law ? 33      
Gidlow Lane Farm, Wigan
William Chadwick Head 46   Farmer of 16 Acres Wigan
Margaret   Wife 44   Borough Councillor & Proprioter of Houses Hindley
Elizabeth Buckley Niece 8   Scholar Middlesex
Thomas Priestly Visitor 9     Rattendale
John Horrocks   12     Hindley
Gidlow Lane, Wigan
James Chadwick Lodger 17   Agricultural Labourer Haigh ?
Gidlow Lane Field ? Wigan
William Chadwick Head 52   Butcher Wigan
Mary   Wife 40     Liverpool
James   Son 6     Wigan
Mary   Dau 2     Wigan
Bretherton's Row, Wallgate, Wigan
Robert Chadwick Head 53 Widow Butcher Wigan
William   Son 20   Butcher Wigan
Elizabeth   Dau 16   At Home Wigan
Mary   Dau 14   At Home Wigan
Robert   Son 13   Butcher Wigan
Sarah   Dau 10   Scholar Wigan
Alice   Dau 8   Scholar Wigan
Margaret   Dau 6   Scholar Wigan
Wallgate, Wigan
John Chadwick Head 43   Victualier Hindley
Ann   Wife 59     Askane
    + 3 servants        
94 Bishopgate, Wigan
Edward Chadwick Head 42   Butcher Wigan
Nancy   Wife 43     Wigan
William   Son 23   Butcher Wigan
Elizabeth   Dau 15   General servant Wigan
Edward   Son 13   Scholar Wigan
Nancy   Son 10   Scholar Wigan
Thomas   Son 8   Scholar Wigan
5 Top Croft, Wigan
William Chadwick Head 43   Steam Loom weaver Wigan
Elizabeth   Wife 36     Wigan
Richard   Son 16     Wigan
Margaret   Dau 12     Wigan
Betty Clarkson Lodger 68 Widow   Wigan
19 Top Croft, Wigan
John Chadwick Head 35   Hand Loom weaver Wigan
Sarah   Wife 34   Power Loom weaver Wigan
William   Son 10     Wigan
Mary   Dau 9     Wigan
Edmund   Son 7     Wigan
Thomas   Son 4     Wigan
Sarah   Dau 6 mths     Wigan
69 Hallgate, Wigan
James Walsh Head        
James Chadwick Lodger 33   Butcher Wigan
Patient in Wigan
Alice Chadwick Patient 65   Factory hand Lostock
Elizabeth Chadwick Patient 59   Factory hand Lostock

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